It’s back!

The Episode…

I was getting kind of disappointed and tired of waiting, but just like it goes with LOST: the waiting did not disappoint. Not one bit. The fact that Sayid shot Ben – I saw it coming but was still shocked – was brilliant, and will have viewers scratching their heads for an entire week.

The reason for this is of course that people believe that this means the end of Benjamin Linus. In Doc Brown fahsion, Sayid should have created an alternate universe in which Ben Linus does not live past 1977. Now, this obviously does not make sense. LOST boasts a thing called “self-consistent time travel”, meaning that whatever happened, happened. It has always been like this. Ben has always gotten shot by Sayid and always will. Which means that this might possibly be the thing Ben has against our Losties. Maybe it’s the thing that turned him into Ben as we know him?

Other than that, I loved how Sayid honestly told the Dharma Initiative about himself. Yes, I am from the future. And I know those hatches in past tense even though you haven’t built them yet. Powerful stuff. In fact, it was the second time since the Pilot where we saw Sayid laugh (the first time being when he picked up the French distress call way back when). A creepy laugh, almost like the devil. Speaking of confessions and hatches: I want to see more of Stuart Radzinsky. He is simply awesome.

Concerning the flashbacks, it was nice to see Sayid’s story finally be tied together. His reasons for helping Ben, his reason for helping Hurley and finally his reason for being on the plane: none whatsoever. This places the ball in Ilana’s court: did she know they weren’t going to Guam? Or was she hired by someone else? Interesting questions…

The Questions…

Now we know why Sayid came back. Or was forced to come back. I loved seeing the dread in his face. It looked kind of like Franks, but way funnier. Other than that, I don’t see any clues for other questions.

In all…

As I already said, this episode was nice: as always it was solidly written, but this time it actually moved the story forward. Maybe we were taking baby steps towards the first part, but by the time Ben got shot at the end we were leaping. I do start getting annoyed by the fact that we see so little of some of my favourite characters: Locke, Faraday and Desmond. When will they be incorporated in the story again? I know how they’re trying to tell this story as coherently as possible and with as little time flashes as possible, but seriously: no Desmond since episode 7? That’s pretty damn harsh.

Favourite Quote:
Sawyer: “Three years no burning buses. Y’all are back for one day…”


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