I’m always a bit biased when a Jack episode is about to hit. But this time, I was curious enough what our wacky doctor would be up to in his Sideways story, that I was actually looking forward to it. Looking back, I don’t know if I’m disappointed or just annoyed that Jack doesn’t seem to have learned as much as I thought he did.

The Episode…

The episode focused heavily on Hurley and Jack. Hurley warned Jacob at the start, that Jack would just do his own thing and go with it, and he was without a doubt right: Jack smashed up the lighthouse mirrors, thus rendering the thing useless. It’s the ancient version of the tempest – the Dharma poison gas station – a little tidbit that gets mentioned but never explained. A shame: we’re in six seasons, up to our ears in questions, drowning in them, and we need another ancient building added to the mix?

Apparently, Jacob condones Jack’s behaviour: Jack has to learn it all by himself. I kind of understand this, but I’ve waited five and a half seasons and he still doesn’t understand. Isn’t it time to take our hero by the hand and show him what it’s all about? Jack episodes can never calm me down, there’s something inside me that wants to slap him around the head and tell him to see reason.

But hey, the B-side of this episode was pretty nice: we got to see creepy, creepy Claire again. She’s hitting people with axes, keeping baby squirrel bones in a crib, shows more cleavage than before and has a very, very nasty friend. She’s jumped way up in my list of interesting characters. What does this mean for Aaron? Seriously, you can’t expect Kate to give Aaron back to a mad woman – even if Kate is, well, Kate.

The Questions…

We got tossed a little bone this week: LOST has not forgotten about Adam and Eve. They’ve been absent for about a hundred episodes, but we know they’ll be back. I’m curious – Hurley gave the obvious answer as to how they could’ve ended up there, and Hurley is the audience’s voice… Does that mean Hurley is right, and so are we? That never happens!

Not that many answered questions this week, unfortunately. But I do think that Hurley is the top chosen one at the moment.

Next week…

Sundown. A Sun episode? It would match the parallels this far with the first season centricity. But to be honest, I’d rather have them break it soon. I’m kind of missing the characters I do like: Frank, Ben, Richard… But hey, I guess Sun’s one of those. All she’s been doing is looking for Jin, maybe it’s time for her to do something else?

In All…

A solid episode. But I’m still not that convinced about the lighthouse. Maybe it did appear now because they were looking for it? I am starting to wish for the sideways stories to go somewhere interesting. It’s too much new information and we don’t know if it’ll ever be useful. Throw us a bone here, we know you’re going places with this, but being in the dark for about 20 minutes per episode… it’s kind of mean.


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