If the sixth season of LOST was a movie, I’d say this is the end of act one. The good guys are defined, the bad guys are defined, now on with the middle part of the season!

The Episode…

Finally! I’m going to say this right away: I’m so glad they’re finally out of that temple. I wasn’t a huge fan of Dogen and Lennon – there was just way too much stuff going on for me to want to focus on them. I like them, it just wasn’t the right time. It seemed like the temple was an energy sucker – all the time spent in there amounted to nothing for me: once they had all arrived, it was just a question of getting everyone out before the shit hit the fan. Simple as that.

I like how the writers, at some point during season four, stated that Sayid was a “bad guy”. It’s nice to see they stuck to their word, and have him run to the dark side. He will probably find redemtion in the end, but I think it’s a daring move to shove a fan favourite (not mine, by the way) in a nasty position. I think that for the first time, I’m actually engaged in Sayid: he’s not pretending anymore.

If you hadn’t felt the dilemma through the course of the last few episodes, you’ve now officially had it thrown in your face: do you want Kate to give Aaron back to Claire, now that she’s gone totally off her rocker? I’m deciding against it, I hope Kate manages to do the right thing. But what is the right thing? In a show that’s taken six seasons to define what is good and what is evil… not an easy thing to do.

The Questions…

This wasn’t such a hot week for the questions. Again. I guess that’s a good thing, keeps it from getting to expectible.

Next Week…

Without a doubt, next week’s episode will feature a lot of Ben, the vilain I have come to know and love. Incidently, Ben is at the top of my death poll. He’s done so many nasty things that it’s hard to think of something he can do to attone for his sins. I wonder what schemes he’ll be up to in the alternative timeline?

In All…

Great episode, the start of something fresh. Using catch a falling star and put it in your pocket at the end was briliant – and somehow fitting. So now Sayid and Kate have joined the bad guys. I wonder if Kate only followed to observe Claire further? It’s obvious she’s not a bad person – but Bad Boy Locke certainly has his eye on her next. You know, the patricide and all.

Favourite Quote: KEAMY: Hey, you want some eggs? I can, uh… make whatever you want. Fried, scrambled, uh… We still got that poacher? Where’s the poacher? Want poached? ‘Cause I can make you some good poached eggs.


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