Lately, I’ve been wanting to learn something.

Anything. Well, not anything. Nothing to do with writing.

I tried learning how to draw or how to play the guitar, but those two creative activities are too similar to writing. I also considered learning Russian or Chinese, but living abroad and speaking a non-native language on a daily basis really sucks the fun out of language acquisition.

Then, I stumbled on game development.

Now, it should be no secret that I love me some videogames. So why not learn how to make them?

So yeah. I’m doing some tutorial stuff with Unity. For instance this dumb little game I made myself. At the moment, I’m blindly following the tutorials on the Unity website, trying to wrap my head around the logic of writing C#.

So yeah, to summarize: Writer wanted to do something different and ended up writing code.

You can play the game by clicking the above link or by downloading the windows build here.


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