I’m working on something. It features these two snippets:

“Penny wanted to reply she would take Adele’s word for it, but before she could, a microphone screeched, and a crackling voice that sounded like it came from a can of peas echoed all around the pool.
“Good afternoon! And welcome to the start of the new polo season.”
The crowd burst into cheers. Penny smiled as she heard Marco’s familiar voice. Marco was a former Arndt student. He was twenty-one, studied radio at the free university and commented small-time sports events his free time. He felt as much a part of the team as any of the girls, and half the team had at some point had a secret (or not so secret) crush on him. Penny was ashamed to say she had been one of them. Marco had been charming and respectful as he let her down. Penny had never felt her heart break so gracefully. “


The girl knelt down in front of the wheel chair. Penny watched her wet hair drip all over the table. Drip, drip, drip. “I’m Freddie”, said the girl.
Freddie. Penny would remember Freddie. She would find out where Freddie lived. She would come over to Freddie’s house. Pour acid on Freddie’s face while she was asleep. She would watch as Freddie screamed, her freckled skin smoldering to leather, her flaming red hair curling up and withering. Freddie would be beautiful no more. No more and never again.
“Pleased to meet you”, Penny said.

So yeah. Basic teenage fiction.


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