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  • Opposites Attract, pt. 3

    Opposites Attract, pt. 3

    (The story so far: On a trip through a dangerous desert, Alice and her caravan (Jack, Arbuck and Marie) come across a floating rock and a ladder that reaches high into the air. Eager for adventure, Jack and Arbuck climb the ladder. Alice sees no other option that to follow…) The man on the rock […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 2

    Opposites Attract, pt. 2

    (The story so far: Alice, a lowly insurance agent, finds herself on a highly forbidden trip through an uncharted desert with Jack (captain), Arbuck (gunslinger) and Marie (cook). Out of nowhere, Marie starts screaming…) The floating rock Everyone stopped in their tracks and turned towards Marie. She was standing between them, third in line. Arbuck, […]

  • Opposites Attract, pt. 1

    Opposites Attract, pt. 1

    The story so far… The scorching sun hung high atop the blue desert sky. Jack, Marie and Arbuck walked behind Alice single file, to cover their trail (and to, for once, humor Alice’s incessant panic attacks). Once every few steps, used as she was to her role as the responsible one everyone loved to ignore, […]

  • Short Story time!

    Short Story time!

    Hi everyone! If you’ve ever had the pleasure of being bored to bits by me blabbing about my work, you might know I’ve been working on a all-age fantasy novel. It’s one of those stories I really really want to tell, but it’s too specific and productionally intense for cinema or TV so it has […]

  • A train made out of bubbles

    Hey guys and girls, Tonight marks the first of fifteen episodes I’ve written (in a writers’ room context) for the longest-running Belgian soap, Familie. You can check them out on vtm or on their website. Eight of them run up to next Wednesday, the remaining seven start sometime in March. If you think soap writing […]

  • How Heroes of the Storm wants to turn me into an asshole

    How Heroes of the Storm wants to turn me into an asshole

    Yeah yeah, I know what you’re going to say – I’m already an asshole, yadda yadda, apply water to burn, etc. But is that true, really? If you look into yourself, when have I ever been truly nasty to you from the bottom of my heart? Okay, yeah, sure, that one time, but you had it […]